Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Monday!

What a great game last night, thanks everyone for showing up and bringing some great food and beverages. To those who left early - man did you miss an ending to celebrate, hopefully you got home and caught the end.

At halftime we awarded the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week from two weeks ago (Tom Stott aka Scotty) as well as this week's winner, Claire Lears. Claire earned this distinction by finishing 3rd Female Overall at the Superbowl 5k in Dundalk yesterday in a stellar early season time of 20:43.

Some of the honorable mentions were some of the usual suspects: Barf, who I have a feeling will be receiving Indoor Athlete of the Year since he's attended all three indoor meets, ran a great 400m. According to Remus' clock he was at 56.52, which if it stands would be a near two second improvement from last week! Tom Stott, meanwhile, was in action in Columbia at the Penguin Pace 5k, where he finished 7th. If you had been a fly on the wall during our ride on Saturday, you would know that just the mere fact he ran on Sunday was a miracle enough.

This week's schedule is pretty much the same, all the usual runs, all the usual times. A couple social points, however: Tuesday (tomorrow) is Fat Tuesday, and since Kip will be done with his thesis proposal the plan is to go out. I'm thinking Mother's in Federal Hill looks fine, as I've noticed they have decorations up for the event. And on Wednesday, anyone who would like is welcome to come over and watch the #3 Duke vs #4 UNC game, 9 pm, ESPN. We have a little bit of food and a lot of drink leftover from yesterday so after the run feel free to hang out.

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