Monday, January 28, 2008

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week

This week was a really tough week to start our PDAW award, because there really were a number of truly great performances. I would like to highlight a few of them, briefly:

Alex Viana: Runs a 4:49/4:50 1600m at the Indoor Meet, dropping a few seconds off his previous meet and getting closer to his goal - and we're still in January.

Kris Simms: Hasn't run an indoor track meet since Ronald Reagan was in office (seriously, we thought it would be George HW Bush but he corrected us with RR) and goes under 5 for the mile.

Ryan McGrath: Technically I have only done two other half marathons before this weekend's Austin 3M Half. The first was PDR in September, which you know was abysmal, and the 2nd was the NCR relay in November, which I wasn't "in shape" for. So a 5 minute PR and breaking 1:20 was good enough for me.

Barf: Quadrupled in the Indoor Meet, running (and setting TWSS records) in the 200 and 400, running a reasonably spectacular 800 and having a good jump in the sand pit.

But this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week goes to Tom Stott aka Scotty for his 17 second drop in the mile (alright, probably 15 seconds if the race was 1600m) from two weeks ago. That's a hell of an improvement and has garnered the PDAW presented by Little Hugs.

Of course we had other racers in action (it was a busy weekend!) - Allison Gerbereux took 59th Female at ING Miami Half, and Brita ran really well too, although she would probably disagree. Rory Jenkins, who must be home from Alaska, placed 2nd or 3rd or something at the HCS Thunderhill 10k in Columbia.

This week's schedule is pretty normal, there are a few events on Sunday if you're looking to do something, otherwise we'll just see you at the Superbowl Party Sunday evening!


THE KRIS said...

i think you might be right about it being bush I, but what with the alzheimer's, it's tough to say. congrat's to tom, that's a crushing improvement in a short time. i'm gonna have to get me some of what he's on...

RM said...

What he's on? He's on Purple Drink, 6 hours a day. What are you on?

That was me trying to mimic that old Lance Armstrong commercial where he says he's "on his bike, busting his ass 6 hours a day - what are YOU on"

Alex said...

Just so you know there the PDAW actually DOES get a Little Hugs Purple Drink. Tom Stott will be presented with his at the SuperBowl Party at Ryan's.

Also, if you know of anyone doing anything spectacular or spectacularly stupid please be sure to nominate them for the PDAW.


RM said...

Also I didn't mention that Barf's 2:19.60 was a PR for him, so that is great!

scotty doesn't know said...

thank you, thank you, i feel honored and will excitedly accept my purple sugared beverage this sunday eve

ryan, i like your poster shoutout...that same one actually hangs above my bike in the basement

excellent work to everyone this past weekend...see ya on sunday

Joel said...

A good week for Team TWSS! Great job everyone. Let's keep it up & kick the shit out of Rockville (or whomever we hate) @ the Columbia 10mile challenge.