Thursday, January 24, 2008

who's goin to the track meet?

anybody goin down sunday? i'm goin for the mile, but don't think i'm gonna stick around for 15 heats of 12 year olds in order to run the 800 4 hrs later

reply if you're comin so we know who's in



Joel said...

I'm planning to Long Jump again. Maybe jump in a 200 or something short.

Sounds like Dr. J is going to do the jumps & Alex may do the mile?

RM said...

Yeah, think that's about right. Doug Ripley may show up, I don't think he reads the blog.

THE KRIS said...

i'm on the fence. if i go, it'll just be for the mile, so i'll be there 10ish.

gladfelter said...

I'm headed down.

I don't plan on leaving Baltimore earlier than 9:15, 9:45 latest. I'm flexible for the leave time, but may stay longer than the 'milers' as my event(s?) will stretch into the mid afternoon at best.

443.794.3675 if you want to arrange car-pool.