Wednesday, January 23, 2008

interval work

anybody livin near columbia area: would you be interested in gathering for a wed nite workout? we could vary from week to week - tempo, hills, track, etc - if you're like me, by the time you get off work, it's impossible to make it up to b-more for our official workouts

i was thinking like a 5:30 start or so - gimme some feedback if any are interested

steve: did i see you walkin out of supreme sports fitness? are you a member? i thought i might of past by you



Steven said...

I might be interested in a few Wednesday runs.

And yes, that was me. I had swimming gear in the car; I had planned on swimming at Brick up in Reisterstown. Unfortunately, last Thursday was that happy "snow" day when just about every road turned into a parking lot after 2:00. A friend got me in to the Sport Fitness facility as a guest. There was no way I was getting in my car before 6:00.

I work in Columbia so Wednesday runs might work. I would opt for closer to 5:00.

RM said...

Don't forget, as much as I would not want to do it myself, that Howard County Striders probably holds track workouts during the week, and they most likely meet in that Columbia/central HoCo area. Their website is

Travis said...

I would be in for that

scotty doesn't know said...

yeah, i've talked with a few HC striders and they claim their weekly track workouts never drew a crowd, so they've sectioned off into small groups - i've only heard back from the tues 5:30am workout group and that's not likely to happen

i'm seein how late my wed schedule is runnin, cuz i'm all the way out in germantown and done at 445, i'll keep ya posted