Monday, December 3, 2007

Nominate Jim!

Here, I made it really easy for you. Click on this link, go to the site, fill out the required information. I know some of you don't know how to write, but just write something heartfelt and simple about how much Jim contributes to area road racing. He's won this award before (it recognizes ten individuals who contribute a lot to road racing in the area, obviously) and should win it every year in my opinion.

So click on it today!

Also, I would like you guys to email me some ideas for awards. What I'm looking for is maybe a superlative (like a funny award, best nickname, etc, something that's personal to the people in our group) or maybe even a serious award or two. I already have in my mind the winners of Most Outstanding Performers, Most Improved, etc, but could use some other awards!


fbg said...

I couldn't find the form you were talking about by following the link. Am I dumb?

RM said...

Shoot, I didn't realize that the link posted differently than I had copied in. I will retype, it should read: