Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Report

We had four people in action at the Philadelphia Marathon: Chrissie broke out with an 8 minute PR to run 2:52 and finish 17th overall female in a super competitive field. There were ten women under 2:47 (and in quick succession) to qualify, and the top 25 was the most tightly packed marathon finishes I have seen. Anastasia had a terrific race as well, finishing 47th F overall in 3:06:58. Collin Anderson was on his 3rd marathon in 4 weeks and ran a stellar 3:03:08 and Ryan Orner aka The Man aka Whitey aka 5-O ran a superb 3:07.

At the JFK 50 miler (see also: mental imbalance) our boy Travicon finished 34th overall with a time of 7hrs25min. That's amazing, people, if you didn't already realize that. That is 24 miles longer than most of us have ever run. The temperature at the start was 28 degrees so this was not something I would have wanted to be out running in. Travis said this was the best run event he's ever seen and is looking forward to doing more like it. Pete Mulligan also competed, for the second year in a row, and finished in 11hrs30min or something. He agreed with Travis and said "all in all it was a great day to be out running." Sure, you guys go on and believe that running all day is fun! Great job.

So this week most of our scheduled runs will take a hiatus thanks to the holiday, but for those who are around, here's what I've got planned:

Monday - Fed Hill
Friday - open to suggestions, would like to run at the park but I don't want to run that much with the NCR Trail Marathon Relay on Saturday
Saturday - Half Marathon up at the NCR trail

ALSO, I have mentioned them before, but here are a couple of great links you all should seriously investigate: Want to know how I pick up those hard to find race results? This website! It's really a great site, it compiles all the race results it can find for your name and then let's you claim them as yours. Registration is free and super simple, and no spam mail as a result. One of the best sites I've used on the Internet. The coolest feature is that it will automatically select people who are your "rivals", meaning they have competed against you in races at least 6 times or something. You can really track how you do against others. It's great. I've used this for almost two years now I think, a great, comprehensive yet easy to use running log.

And I don't have the address on me, but it's something like or something, another running log site brought to you by the people that bring running forums and videos to the Internet, FloCast. Rebecca likes this site.

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Rebs said... is the main site with results, interviews, live footage, headlines, etc. all compiled together. is the "social" site with running logs, workout postings, user profiles and teams.