Tuesday, September 4, 2007

TNT #20 - September 4, 2007

Ahh, the first workout of September. Even though it's technically still summer for a few more weeks, post-Labor Day is still sad. Today was a phenomenal day to be outside, with the mercury touching the 90s. With no humidity it felt glorious, even if the sun was intense. Up at the track it was in the low 80s at workout time, which felt perfect - especially since we were just going for an easy run down the trail. It was the easiest workout of the year. 40 minute run down the trail (which goes down pretty far) and then back on the track for 6x400 at 10k pace. With about a minute in between each interval, that would be better than most track programs out there. We really are a fit bunch.

There were about 13 of us out there today, some doing some different stuff, like Kyle and Ben, who did 3x2 mile I believe. Nice to see some faces of non-regulars, like Diane, Tim Parker, Mellow and Lee, who spent the last 5 weeks in Rhode Island.

So good job, great workout, good luck to Chrissie who is running another fast 5k this Friday "somewhere in PA" and to everyone else who may be racing this weekend. If you aren't racing you should consider coming down to spectate at the inaugural Annapolis Triathlon, it should be a good one. Or, look up some races to do - other than the big ones that we're signed up for, there are a ton of races every weekend now and the weather's great, so you'll run well!

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