Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Read This Article!


This is a great article from yesterday's Times about the benefit of running with a group. Unfortunately I could not have said it any better. Think about why you run, what you get from/out of it, what you put into it. Then think about the effect that you showing up to run with the group has on everyone else. This being my third summer in Baltimore, I can say that this year has gone amazingly well and the group has become a well-oiled machine. You can feel the difference in the group's energy when fewer people are out at the track, or nobody is at the park on a Friday. As the fall season gets into gear and the year winds down, we'll come up with a strong plan of attack for the winter months to get us through that dreadful period and be ready to hit it come spring.

If you don't have a NYTimes username and password you can use mine. I made it up during college and my Eminem phase, so don't laugh. Username: slimshady48 Password: images

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