Monday, September 10, 2007

New 100m WR!

Chrissie Ramsey set a new 100m World Record over the weekend at Teri's Run 5k. She got out to a fast start from the gun, blazing to an awesome time of 10.42.

Just kidding, but two things were true this weekend: 1) Asafa Powell, current 100m world record holder, did in fact lower his 9.77 to 9.74, which is quite impressive, at a meet in Italy and 2) Chrissie did set another PR at Teri's Run 5k in PA on Friday evening. It was quite warm, and just 4 days after Bay Cafe 5k, so it was going to be a tough order to run another personal best. A fairly loaded field toed the line in Wherever, PA, and when it was all said and done, Chrissie crossed the line as the first female (17:39 to 17:41, so it was close, over a 31 year old, which is how old Chrissie would be if she were still racing as Emily Lipman).

The 17:39 is not a PR, but allegedly the course was 3.19 miles, so the added distance would translate to a 17:11, which is a smattering of her 17:22 PR from Monday's race (which was a 30 second beatdown of her previous previous best). Awesome job Chrissie!

Not to be outdone, Jim Adams was the lone FRR/TWSS representation at the Howard County Striders Police Pace 5k on Sunday morning. Ahh, Police Pace, the first race BG, MGP and I all did together. I remember the day vividly, it was September 18, 2005 (the day before my birthday), and it was a warm morning. The race jumped out and Brian found himself in the front as we raced around Centennial Lake. Brian finished in 14:29 or something, which could have been possible, but was highly unlikely. Then we found out that the course was short - it was really 2.9 miles. The race director apologized, because they were really looking for it to be the fastest 5k ever in Columbia. Anyway, back to Jim's race, in the legitimately measured 5k: he bangs out a 19:19 season best for 26th place overall!

So now September is full on, hard to believe we're already 10 days in, and in just 6 days we have Philly Distance Run. I promise I'll do something about a hotel today and let you know for those who want to crash. I'll also send out the track workout in a little bit. Thank God for Monday morning conference calls, I get so much done!

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