Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TNT #17 - August 14, 2007

Our longest workout ever now, by leaps and bounds:

3 x 2 mile at Meadow Wood Park, on 14:00 (so if you ran 11 minutes you had 3 minutes to recover)

It was unenjoyable for me to be sidelined due to injury, but totally awesome to see the group out there running like velociraptors around the park. Seriously, it looked like a college cross-country team, and is probably every bit as fast as many of them out there. There were 8 hearty souls who ran the entire workout, with some additional running by Jim, Dave Berdan and Cynthia. The highlights were Dave Berardi coming out for his first TNT, and running fairly even splits; Terence and Kris running side by side the entire workout, pushing each other, and negative splitting the last one; and Kip running a 9:39 for his last interval (4:45-4:54).

The weather was fantastic, mid 80s dropping to low 80s by the end, no humidity and no wind. Really a perfect night for this workout. It's the type of workout that will no doubt benefit everyone in the next month and a half when it's race time.

Speaking of races, I've got to start working on some accommodations for PDR on September 16, and we should also start looking into the USA Club XC Championships. They're a ways off, but if we're going to do it we'll need to secure a team for that and plan!

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