Wednesday, August 8, 2007

TNT #16 - August 7, 2007

This was by far the most challenging workout we've had this year. I know I've said that before, but each week we trump ourselves. First of all, it's the longest workout we've ever done at TNT. Second, the workout itself (8x1000m with 1:00 rest) was ridiculous. I did that a few times in college and it was always a really tough day. Finally, the weather did not cooperate, hitting highs in the upper 90s with oppressive levels of humidity. This made the interval times a little slower and the rest seem like it was nothing.

The good news: That workout was studly, and there were 15 of us out there braving the weather tonight. For that I am extremely pleased. With the additions of our new guys Kyle, Arjun and Alex, we just fortified our team even more and I'm serious when I say we are the best non-funded ragtag team in the world. We're going to rip it up at USA Club XC Nationals!

Great job to everyone who made it out tonight, and for those who were not able to attend karaoke at Bleacher's, you missed a SHOW. For one, Jake and myself are among the two greatest karaoke artists of our time. We performed our hit duet, Total Eclipse of the Heart, to the delight of the crowd. Then we watched as Barry Bonds lit up #756 in the 5th inning, which I have to admit was really cool. The best part of the night was this black lady named Nissa, who was wearing a shirt that said "STATE PRISON" and had a number beneath it. She came over to us, clearly high on crack or something, and asked us to sing a song that she, and I quote, likes to strip to (she told us she was a stripper). We didn't know the song, but eventually Jake was coerced into singing with her (I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow). That was a SIGHT.

So that is going to be the new Tuesday night activity. As we were leaving, Nissa came and gave me a hug and let me know that she was our biggest fan. What can I say, we make an impression wherever we go!

FRIDAY: Run at the park at 5. I plan on running at least the 11 mile loop, maybe add on a mile.

SUNDAY: Run at the park, probably 7 or 7:30 am. I know it's early but a 2 hour run is nice to get out of the way. My plan is to run about 18 miles at Patapsco.


Johnnie Cochran said...

Ryan's performance of "Sometimes" by Brittney Spears moved me to tears.

kris said...

ryan, if you had waited a few minutes before going on the cool-down on tuesday, you would have been able to sing along with j.t. he asked me to tell you that he's bringing sexy back, and would you like some?

fbg said...

Who DOESN'T know "Man of Constant Sorrow"?!?! It's the "Soggy Bottom Boys" from O' Brother Where Art Thou!! Or, really it's Dan Tyminski, but I forgot his name so I had to look it up.

RM said...

It wasn't Man of Constant Sorrow that we didn't know, it was whatever the other song she originally asked us to sing that we didn't know.