Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TNT #9 - June 19, 2007

While Spider may be able to pull off the bikini briefs in a race, you cannot, so don't try!

For those who made it out last night, the experience was brutal. The late afternoon rains managed to cool the temperature down from 95 to just under 80, but the humidity made it feel as if nothing had changed. We still managed to have 13 people out there (Lee was there, but she had done the workout earlier), flying around the oval for our longest workout of the season thus far:

400 (1:30), 800 (1:30), 1200 (2:00), 1600 (2:30), 1200 (2:00), 800 (1:30), 400

Personally, I was cool through the 1200, and then I started falling apart during the mile. I looked back through last year's workouts and we didn't do this much on the track until July 25, so we're about 5 weeks ahead of last year. We will continue to build up for a few more weeks and then mid-July we'll take a few weeks to do some alternative workouts, such as tempo/fartleks and hill repeats.

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