Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Weekend Report

Many of the squadron were in action this weekend, posting, as can be expected, some great results. Kip and Dave went 1-2 at the Father's Day 5k, with Kip sneaking under 15 minutes. More significantly were the results posted by Jan Cook and Jim Adams, who finished just a few seconds apart but both had what I can only assume are massive season PRs, and for Jan it might be a personal best. Lee took the women's race, and our girl Cynthia razzle-dazzled 'em in a tremendous effort on her part. In the Tri To Win out in South Carroll, our boy OJ snuck off with the overall on the heels of a ridiculously fast swim, strong bike and a great run leg.

In outside of Baltimore news, Barf (whose barfday is today), finished 2nd at his hometown race, running a super-impressive time of 19:32 for 3.55 miles. My hometown race saw some fast times (winner was 23:14 for 5 miles) but I didn't catch any of his luck and had what can be described as "one of my worst races" in quite some time. Chrissie had a sick race in Media, Pennsylvania, running a PR for 5 miles and finishing 2nd female (and 23rd overall)!

Our workout tonight of course is at the same time and place, and it will be held under all conditions, so if it rains, expect to get wet. Of course, running in inclement weather is at your discretion, so be smart and hold your personal safety as the #1 priority. Some of you have families to take care of. I don't, so I do what I want with reckless abandon.

We'll be doing 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400, our longest workout yet. For those not quite up to that much, look to shorten the 1600 to a 1200, the second 1200 to an 800, then the second 800 to a 400 and drop the 400.

Also remember that we need your help this weekend as volunteers for Jim's Dreaded Druid Hills 10k, so if you can make it please let me know and I will give you some instructions. I have only heard from one person so far (Dr. J - thanks) and we'll need some more people!

Finally, read Travis' post below this one and see if it's something you'd be interested in. It's expensive to do as just a run, but is pretty cool to participate in something like that. And, the chances are good that you'll have the fastest time of the day. Any gender can participate, it is just a 10k in Annapolis as the third leg of the inaugural Annapolis Triathlon, Sunday, September 9th. I'll be doing it as an individual.

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Casper said...

is the Druid Hill race this weekend or next?