Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TNT #8 - June 12, 2007

We lucked out, avoiding the thunderstorms that must have been going on north, west and south of us. It was a short night on the track, since there have been a lot of races lately and we've been building up for the last 2 months. We'll start pushing it beyond 4 miles of intervals starting next week, so this week the intention was to do some shorter, quicker stuff with a brief recovery. Intervals are listed below, with recovery times in parentheses:

2x800 (1:30)
2x600 (1:15)
2x400 (1:00)
2x200 (1:45)

After that we did a few striders, 4x100 to be exact, on the track, followed by an extended cooldown. I have the next few weeks' worth of workouts plotted out, and they are going to be hard. Get ready.

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Casper said...

I will be there starting in July as comedy relief.