Sunday, June 10, 2007

Survivor Harbor 7

It was a great day to race around Baltimore, as the cloud cover kept the temperature down. It is awesome to have so many members of our posse at these events, and the results speak for themselves.

Kip finished 1st overall in 35:12 (chip time), just 13 seconds from snagging the course record, set last year by John Supsic (35:00). In the process, Kip outdistanced local crazyman Mike Wardian by 1:20, and picked up the dollars for being 1st overall as well as 1st Survivor. Behind Wardian was Ben, one of the new-to-Baltimore crowd, followed closely by Rodney, who was the first master today. Remember folks, Rodney is 42 years old. 42. Years. Old. How old? 42.

Running some impressive times also were our boys Travis and Terence, who finished a few seconds apart from each other at the end but ran most of the race together. Travis picked up a plate for winning the 30-39 age group, T got the short end of the stick finishing 5th in his 20-29 age category. Jim Adams said he came through the 3 mile in 19:37, which by my calculation would have put him a few seconds ahead of where he's been finishing for his 5ks lately. Jim's average mile was still under 7 for the whole run. Rod Taylor raced well (considering we haven't seen him since Cherry Blossom!) and Jan Cook averaged just over 6:40 pace. Jan is killing it this year.

It's always fun to walk around with Kip, as it was with Brian in the past, because people will start coming up to you and gush over how incredible you are. I've never had that happen so I can't say what it's like, but it must be fairly awkward. The random award of the day goes to some old guy who was wearing a Maryland Marathon race singlet from probably 1912. He came up to us and starting yapping about how he is the oldest "Survivor" in the race today. I was thinking perhaps he survived the Civil War or maybe the Titanic. Anyway I noticed he was drinking something, but it wasn't a water or Sierra Mist. It was a Red Stripe. I don't even know where he got a beer at 10 a.m., maybe Kiss Cafe, but it was random. Then he walked off, I don't think even he knew where he was headed.

So again, great job everyone, we'll be at Fed Hill tomorrow for an easy 7 miles around the Fort, and then Tuesday I think we'll probably do something short and quick, maybe 2x800, 2x600, 2x400, 2x200 and then some striders on the grass. Since we've done 6k the last few weeks we are going short this week before picking it up again.


gladfelter said...

Great Job everyone, and especially Kip. BTW, what is the "Who Am I?"...I only see eyes & teeth..

RM said...

Barf, that may actually be the funniest thing you've ever said. Props, son, props.

kipchirchir said...

Barf!!! I say this sign on my cool down on Sunday after the race. I said it out loud "Wharf" ... Ryan and Terrence laughed their butts off at that.

Thanks man, for once I was chasing four cops ... I can only imagine if it was the other way round.

shadow ...

RM said...

Yeah you pretty much had to be there when Kip was saying "Wharf". It sounded like he was barking. It was phenomenal, that will be our new race cheer.

gladfelter said...

Wharf, Phenominal! Now if I could only figure out where Kenya is???