Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Something's Fishy...

Have you all noticed the incredibly fishy smell emanating from the Harbor? Apparently tons of fish are washing up, dead, obviously, all around, creating the malodorous stench. Believed to be caused by a lack of oxygen, only a certain type of fish are victims. My cousin the marine biologist confirms that certain fish are more susceptible to dying this way than other fish, so it does make sense.

In a text message received at 12:50 p.m. today, Jim Adams wrote to me: "(U want to swim here?)DNR said many more will die over next few days, cleanup could take weeks! CNN + Other news trucks here." Jim is of course referring to Extreme Harbor Challenge, an event unlike any other, which will take racers on bikes from Brewer's Hill to Fort McHenry, where they will scale the walls and dive into the waters of the Harbor and swim across to Clinton St. From there they will exit the water and run back to the Square for the post race party.

Also, Deneen, I noticed you had a post waiting in the queue. It looked complete, so I just published it. So all, please read the message a few down entitled "Fells Point Weekly Runs" and if you fall into this category go out and run with them. And since I really want to see this forum take off, make sure you respond to other people's posts by comments or otherwise. For instance, respond to Travis' post so he doesn't get mad that he posted and no one responded. I will be there on Friday at 5.

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Johnnie Cochran said...

I will do Extreme Harbor Challenge! Dead fish be damned!