Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Friday and weekend

Travis' personal schedule:

Hello, Friday I will plan on doing two loops at Avalon again. Just so you all know. Whatever Joel has said about last week don't listen to him.
Lets firm up a time when we will run. It really helps me to have someone to chase around the second time.

Sat and Sun who is doing what races? The Survivor 7 looks good on Sun and I was wondering who I might see there. Kim (wife, very pregnant), might walk the short version. Anybody bringing a wife or somebody that would want to do this with her? She might let you touch her tummy.

Ryan, look into the Oxen hill ride on Sat. 62 miles there are some people I know going (I think) most likly avg 18-19
let me know

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RM said...

I can't believe you ran 22 miles in the middle of the afternoon on a 90 degree day on Friday. I thought you were doing just the one loop and then going to the Blue Moon run?

What is this Oxen Hill ride, and where is it? Wasn't as much as I was looking to ride but I might be able to accommodate.

Kip and Andy are signed up for Survivor 7, my cousin (casper) may do the Patterson Park 4 miler on Saturday.