Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Westminster Main Street Mile Results

Westminster, MD (April 13) - Once again Falls Road made the mid-week trip out to Westminster for the fastest road race around, the Main Street Mile. Featuring 144 feet of elevation drop from start to finish, racers are all but assured fast times, regardless of their current fitness.

Andy Weaver was racing his first MSM, and was taken aback by how fast the field darted down the opening hill. It took him a little while to reel back the leader, but he made his pass with less than a quarter mile to go and put daylight in between him and the runner-up. Andy's time of 4:02.27 ranks 4th now behind Greg Jubb (3:59) and Ed Aramayo (4:00; 4:01). Impressive run from the second place finisher at 4:04! 

We swept the women's podium, with Megan DiGregorio running her fastest race here (4:46.50) taking the title. Emily Gispert, in her first MSM, was 2nd at 4:55 and Amy Horst ran her best time here at 5:02 for 3rd. Following the race, Emily, Amy and Andy ran over to the McDaniel Track to finish their workouts on the track.

Other notable performances: Thom Ripley had arguably the race of the night, running a 4:43 in his first ever mile race. Thom runs downhill really well, apparently, and blew past Meg D with 200m to go. Jon Miller and PJ Anderer were consistent as ever, and Bryn Burkholder ran her first MSM with a 5:48. 

Graham won the race to the ice cream this year, finishing his ice cream sandwich as most were just running up to get them. This was the 6th year we've sent a team to the race, and conditions were mostly perfect. Wind was light, and not in runners' faces (like 2015) and the temperature was in the mid 50s at 7:00pm. 

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