Monday, April 20, 2015

119th Boston Marathon

Photo credit: Sean Caskey via Instagram
 Graham Peck with the race of the year so far!

1:12:30 at the half, 2:26:09 at the finish for 45th overall. "I don't know how I felt so good," he said. 27 seconds faster than he ran last year on what was definitely a windy day. Graham was the top Maryland finisher, and top from DC/MD/VA as he finished about a minute ahead of Michael Wardian. It was also pointed out that Graham's bib was #119 and it was the 119th edition of this race. Coincidence? I think not. Nick Gehlsen was 2.5 minutes faster than last year.

Bethany Caldwell negative split 1:40 to 1:35 for a huge PR of 3:15:23 in her first Boston. Bryn Burkholder finished just 1 second off her PB, but a huge Boston best in 3:20:09. Sara Damiano holds onto finish in 3:24:24 in her first trip here. Jen Sheely ran a minute personal best of 3:28:51, flew home and went straight to Pasta Mista.

Here are a few of the messages I received after the race:

Graham: "I don't get how I felt so good. Shaking my head man...0 calories or ounces of water after 19. Just ripping so hard. I knew I'd have ag ood last 10 in me just didn't think I had 57:30 in me for 10.2. Shocking. [About the wind] Yeah it was tough. At one point near 7 there is big visibility ahead and I could see like 40 of us in a single file line. Only got windier from there going towards the ocean. Some rain, not a ton though."

Dave: "Dropped a Jackson at the Shake Shack at the Boston Marathon finish line. It tastes better after running a lot of miles ;)"

Bryn: "Hot damn! I ripped shit up out there!!"

Phil: "I decided last second to do it. Been so busy since our third baby. I ran 22 miles after teaching one day 5 weeks ago and booked a flight. Glad I did it. Basically ran like 7 miles a day all winter and three 20 plus runs and just got out there. Ugh!"

Graham Peck, 2:26:09
Nick Gehlsen, 2:40:39
Phil Turner, 2:49:23
Will Knox, 3:03:47
Katie Ainsley, 3:07:22
Russell Buescher, 3:12:38
Bethany Caldwell, 3:15:23
Dave Ploskonka, 3:16:08
Bryn Burkholder, 3:20:09
Ian Clark, 3:21:39
Henry Peck, 3:21:56
Sara Damiano, 3:24:24
Marci Benda, 3:25:15
Marie France-Penet, 3:26:30
Jen Sheely, 3:28:51
Russell Snyder, 3:34:45
Joanna Laboue, 3:39:25
Leigh Peck, 3:59:21


Dart said...

Great work everyone!

pepperjackb said...

"Hot damn! I ripped shit up out there!!"

That's our Bryn.