Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Lights Run 2k14

It's the most wonderful run of the year!

Join us tonight at 6:30pm from the World Trade Center in the Harbor for a run up to Hampden to see the lights on 34th Street.

The pace is very chill, and the group is big so there's always someone to run with. We'll take Charles Street up around the Monument, and then take Fallsway to the switchbacks by the Stieff Silver Building. Keswick to 34th and boom we're there.

We always take 10-15 minutes to check out the lights. Tonight is not as warm as it was last year which is a bummer, but it's not freezing at least! On our way out we'll pop over to St. Paul and take that straight down to where we started.

If memory serves it's probably 7.5-8 miles roundtrip from the WTC, so plan accordingly!

Dress is Christmas-chic and if someone or someones have their phone for pics, that would be cool!

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