Thursday, September 18, 2014

Merica Mile 2014

Baltimore, MD - On Thursday, September 11th, four Baltimore runners celebrated America and patriotism by running one mile around Patterson Park. At 7:15pm, the group stood before a lowered flag and proudly sang the National Anthem.

The temperature was still in the mid 80s at start time, but we were treated to one of the most awesome skies ever - captured in the above photograph by Ted Stevens, who happened to be walking his dog through the Park at the time.

From the gun, Ed Aramayo and Graham Peck darted ahead of myself and PJ Anderer. Before the race, we had serious doubts that our aggregate time would be better than 24 minutes. But in the Merica Mile, anything can happen. Ed eventually dropped Graham and blazed to the finish in 4:57. Graham, on his 15th mile of the evening, managed a 5:07. PJ and I ran together the entire way, before I was able to hold him off, 5:45 to 5:48.

The first Merica Mile was held on the track at TNT two years ago, and we didn't hold the event last year. But rest assured, this race is here to stay. We'll find a way!

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