Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is How You Remind Me

Chad Kroeger kind of looks like Dax Shepard
"Never made it as a wise man. I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing. Tired of living like a blind man, I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling...

And I've been wrong, I've been down, been to the bottom of every bottle. These five words in my head scream: 'are we having fun yet?'"

With this amazing bit of poetry from the Canadian rock superstars, Nickelback, we were off. In our first day above 90 degrees, a dozen or so hearty souls chose to race the first (and last) Nickelback Appreciation Day 5k. Nearly everyone positive split. It was carnage.

Following the 3 Doors Down 3k, contested by Graham Peck (9:20) and Conrad Laskowski (9:45), the night's main event did feature some decent Tuesday night performances. Erik Anderson showed up to take the win (and the Falls Road Nalgene bottle!) in 16:52. Greg Lange had a terrific run, breaking 17 minutes (16:58). Ian Clark ran an evenly split 17:20. And Matt Franco yo-yoed but ran 17:36.

Most of the rest of us weren't as cool. As Graham ran with various people throughout the race, here was his take on the event:

"Much like Nickelback's albums, each time around it just got worse."

Megan DiGregorio was the women's winner (of 3 entered) in 18:27. Kate Levinson, who we've seen running at the track for the last year, finally joined up with us and despite racing just two days ago, ran a respectable 20:47. And Sara Breedlove rounded out the podium in 21:29.

Shoutout to timers/race officials Pete Mulligan, Lillian Pinault and Bryn Burkholder!

Afterwards a few of us went to Kooper's, where it took them forever to make some burgers and then, as usual, mine was barely cooked and it went right through me. The end.

Nickelback Apprecation Day 5k Results

1. Erik Anderson, 16:52.19
2. Greg Lange, 16:58.65
3. Ian Clark, 17:20.11
4. Matt Franco, 17:36.20
5. Tom Stack, 18:14.04
6. Joel Gladfelter, 18:22.29
7. Conrad Laskowski, 18:23.42
8. Graham Peck, 18:27
9. Megan DiGregorio, 18:27.27
10. Ryan McGrath, 18:49.73
11. Evan Burros, 18:50.73
12. Dave Ploskonka, 19:26.63
13. Terry Decker, 19:39.47
14. Kate Levinson, 20:47.74
15. Louis Foudos, 21:17.24
16. Sara Breedlove, 21:29.82
17. James, 26:43.78


Julie said...

Graham's quote made me laugh.

c-rad said...

My other favorite parts were, "...and it went right through me. The end."

And the spot on photo caption highlighting that Chad Kroeger definitely does look like Dax Shepard!