Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Run Group: Canton Runners

I was pretty excited to see that a new group has formed recently, meeting in Canton Square and more than just one night a week. Looks like they have some morning and evening runs during the week, as well as a weekend run.

From the Canton Runners website:

Canton Runners is a group of like-minded residents of all ages and athletic abilities who want to run/walk with others. The primary focus is camaraderie, competition, goal-setting, and socializing. This is a group for the community, so participation and dedication will allow this group to expand. Canton has never had a consistent running organization, so we decided to create one with all of YOUR support.

Baltimore's Canton Runners focuses on overall health and fitness, community involvement and having fun.

Canton Runners will also organize training groups for upcoming races. If you’re looking to accomplish your FIRST 5K, or your THIRD Half-Marathon, this group will challenge you to meet your desired goals.

Feedback and support will allow this group to expand.

Of course, while I live right around the corner from the Square, I don't see myself personally making many of these runs as they coincide with some pre-existing runs (Fed Hill Runners, Tuesday Night Track, etc) but since I know who lives on the eastside as well as who does (and doesn't) go to these weekly runs, could be a great group for you to meet up with.

Certainly it's a great group for beginner runners and folks looking for people to run with. So be sure to check them out, and connect with them on Facebook!

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