Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sunday 5/11 Patapsco Run - 8:00am

For anyone who would like to join, I'll be running at Patapsco on Sunday (Mother's Day).

Where: Rolling Road trailhead
When: Sunday, 5/11. 8:00am departure
How long: Base loop of 11 miles, I will run 14-15
Pace: Whatever I'm running

No workout. No pace. No GPS watches. I mean it. If I hear a single beep from a watch I will tear your arm out of the socket and throw it in the Patapsco River.

Seriously this is just going to be a chill run. I encourage anyone to show up and run because it's been a while since we had a big, group Sunday long run. If 11 is more than you're looking to run, or the pace is too quick, come on out and feel free to do your own thing. If you don't know the trails well, familiarize yourself or run with someone who does. If my pace is too slow, which I'm sure it is for many, run faster.

I plan on finishing the run with a trip up Gun Rd, and then will go eat somewhere after - either a nearby diner or head back my way and eat at THB or something.

Other upcoming events include:

May 31: Biggest Run Ever
June 17: Nickelback Appreciation Day 5k (Tuesday)


Andy said...

i didn't think gps watches worked in the forest anyway, so all the more reason to ditch them

RM said...

Most of them don't, or at least they're inaccurate. Time is time, effort is between you and you.

Terrence Decker said...

Thanks for setting this up. Lots of mud, lots of fun!