Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Not the Mama

A humble tribute to the classic 1990s prehistoric sitcom, Dinosaurs, the phrase "Not the Mama" became embedded in our vernacular for at least a year or two.

The whole point of that was to a) add an image to a post and b) use a phrase involving mothers for Mother's Day.

Due to the holiday, there wasn't much racing available on Sunday. Most of it came on Saturday, and from one race in particular: the St. John's Run in the Valley 5k. Run on an out-and-back course in scenic Butler or whatever it's considered, there was a small prize purse that attracted a couple of our folks. Graham Peck rode his bike up there (has to be close to 25 miles) and then ran on tired legs, easily winning in a slow 17:16. Megan DiGregorio was 2nd overall and 1st woman in 18:41. Kaylyn Peck was celebrating her birthday that day and came in 2nd at 19:57. Emma Jornlin rounded out the sweep in 20:08. Brendan Woulfe ran 20:37 and Lillian Pinault was 4th in 20:58.

At the Maryland Half Marathon, Tom Stack finished 3rd in 1:26:42, a solid time for a guy who doesn't tend to race that long, and Cory Donovan brought his 1:40 pace group in over 2 minutes ahead of schedule. Those that survived were probably pretty psyched.

Out in Cali, Diane Heiser ran the 5k4Play, finishing - get this - 26th F in a 19:09. Pretty remarkable competition. There were just over 200 competitors and she was the median finisher. Top 3 guys were under 15. More stacked than any race I've seen.

Also in California, Alex Battaglino set a personal best in the 5000m run at the USF Last Chance Meet. He ran 15:06.51, which lowered his PB by almost 2 seconds. What's most impressive is that time was set 8 years ago. As we all know, it's way hard to run PRs in short distances as we get older, especially when some ran as fast as they did in college.

Our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Kaylyn Peck.

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