Monday, June 2, 2014

Biggest Run Ever! Saturday 7:30am Patapsco

Yes, the weekend is finally here! Saturday is Graham's 25th birthday - a quarter century old for this young'n! It's also Chrissie's last day in Baltimore, she's moving to New Haven CT on Sunday.

So what information do you need to know? Well, we'll be starting at the nice time of 7:30 am. That's 0730 if you're on military time. I realize this is an early start for some of you non-morning people, but guess what - it's summer time so you better start getting used to it! We are going to start with the 11 mile loop. Graham - and potentially a few others - are going to run back to Baltimore to get in 25 (for his 25th birthday). We'll aim to do up to 14/15 in the park before hitting the roads for the final 10/11. The pace of the run will be determined by Graham, after all it's his birthday and he's running pretty far. If that pace is too quick, I suggest familiarizing yourself with the trails, or ensuring you have a partner to run with who knows the park!

What: Biggest Run Ever
When: Saturday, May 31, 7:30am ROLLOUT
Where: Rolling Road trailhead, Patapsco
Why: Graham's 25th birthday/Chrissie's last day in Baltimore

I will be driving the support vehicle on the way home if anyone plans on running with Graham on the way back and wants to drop sustenance/clothes in the car.

Following the run, we are looking to assemble at LITTLE HAVANA around 11am. This is the celebration part, organized by Chrissie. I'll do my best to get there on time.

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