Friday, April 18, 2014

Marathon Monday: Who To Watch For

I realized I'm quite far behind on results from the past two weekends so I'll get to that while up in Boston, but here's a list of people running for those who wish to track online. Kick ass!

Peck, Graham
Brigham, Nathan
Hacker, Max
Gehlsen, Nick (Eric)
Clark, Ian
Feldhausen, Brennan
Simms, Kris
Klastava, Nick
Turner, Philip
Gladfelter, Joel
Ploskonka, David
Knox, Will
Anderer, PJ
Villanueva, Bob

And of course our ladies!

Hurley, Emily
Wolfe, Julie
Burkholder, Bryn
McNew, Megan

I may have missed a name or two, certainly not intentional.

And I believe here's who is running the BAA 5k (Saturday)

Dustin Meeker
Steve Febish

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