Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Light Run 2k13

All -

I forgot to include this in the email this week, but here are the details for our annual Christmas Lights run to Hampden.

When: Thursday, December 19th, 6:30pm
Where: Meet at the Taint (to some this is the building known as "The World Trade Center")

The Power Plant light show only takes place ON the hour, after 6pm, Thursdays through Sundays. As some are leaving for various Christmas destinations on that Friday or Saturday, Thursday became our option as far as a group run. The 6:30 meetup allows for inevitable lateness (like myself, because my work's Christmas party is that afternoon). If I recall it takes somewhere between 28 and 32 minutes to run up to 34th Street in Hampden, at a leisurely pace that accommodates all-comers. The route is up Charles, hot lap around the Washington Monument, up to Fallsway and then the switchbacks, then up Keswick to 34th.

We spend approximately 10 minutes checking out the scene in Hampden before returning south via St. Paul, where we end in the Harbor in time to catch the 8pm Power Plant light show.

Expect to run about 8 miles roundtrip. If you're running to the Harbor from somewhere else, be sure to account for that running. This run will happen regardless of weather.

This is a SOCIAL run so let's keep it as such. And if anyone can't make it but wants to do this run, let me know - I'll be here all next weekend and the weekend after Christmas and would be glad to do it again.

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