Friday, December 6, 2013

Awards Night 2k13


The biggest names. The brightest stars. Catch all the glitz and glamour LIVE on Sunday night from the Falls Road Running Store in Mt. Washington.

What started in 2007 with a bunch of people crammed into my cousin's kitchen as a way to recognize the achievements of the team has blossomed into an annual evening of celebration and fun awards.

As I mentioned in the email, the Running Store closes at 4pm on Sunday, but due to the Ravens' 1pm game (and Packers) we'll look to assemble more in the 4:30 range. At least that's what time I will plan on being there with the pizzas. Red Carpet coverage can be found on the E! Network beginning at that time.

If you haven't already RSVPd (or signed up to bring something) here's the link to do that:

Typically the show lasts about 2 hours but if you need to roll early, that's okay. We'll fill out our 2014 goals cards as per usual and make fun of some of the silly things that happened in 2013. 

There's also still time to nominate your compatriots for awards: Awards Nominations

And stay tuned to see who wins the biggest award of the evening - the Brita Grothe Best Ass Award!

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