Thursday, October 24, 2013


Sunday, 8:30am, Gilman parking lot.

We'll plan to start with a 10-13 mile loop that finishes back at Gilman.  I'm hoping to hit 2:30 (about 22+ miles), while Dusty is shooting for 2:45 (24+ miles).  There is not a tempo/workout element to this run, but I would expect for us to start around 7 minute (per mile) pace and cut down to around 6:30 pace.  Not to be an elitist (zing!) but I encourage folks to run a pace that they're comfortable with, but I can't be held responsible for what happens out there (double zing!).  We're hoping to keep this run primarily on pavement, as it serves as our last big run prior to Philly.  So we apologize in advance to the trail enthusiasts.  

If you're looking for a run, no matter the distance, please join us.  This is Baltimore running and this is what we do. 


Dan said...

I'm planning on starting up at Gilman at the same time as well, but will be doing 11 miles closer to 7:xx pace than 6:30s. Plan is to start with Nate and Dusty until they dust us, and keep it around 7s.

Andy said...

I see what you did there, Dan. If I'm not guiding at MCM I'll be there.

Meg said...

How much of this run will be on water?

Nate said...

Meg +1

RM said...

Nate stole my response