Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baltimore Marathon Supported Course Run 9/21

When: Saturday, September 21st, 7:00am

Where: Patterson Park, corner of Linwood and Eastern Ave

What: Supported marathon and half marathon course run, courtesy of Falls Road Running

With just a couple of weeks until the Baltimore Running Festival, this is a great opportunity to get some miles in and see the course for seasoned vets and rookies alike. Based on previous years, expect there to be 300-500 runners with many pace and distance options. The route will follow the marathon course, starting at approximately mile 17 and going up through Clifton Park to Lake Montebello, where there will be a fluid/food stop. The route continues west along 33rd Street, where there should be another stop around 29th and St. Paul. Those running the marathon course can continue into a Druid Hill Park out-and-back, while those running less can head straight down St. Paul.

There should be another aid station on Pratt and Light, and from here you can again continue out towards Under Armour or head back to Patterson Park. There are 10 mile options up to 20 miles.

The event is sponsored by Falls Road, who staffs the aid stations and provides the cups, water, sports drink, food, etc, but if you're so inclined, they will accept donations.

PARKING: As this is a question primarily for those not familiar with Patterson Park, street parking in the neighborhoods can be a challenge. The blocks around the park from Eastern Ave south to Canton Square are your best bet for parking. There aren't many restrictions (i.e. no permits required) but be warned that if you park in a business or church lot (e.g. Safeway, Rite Aid, banks) you have a likelihood of being towed. I would recommend planning on being in the area by about 6:30 to give yourself ample time to park and potentially walk/jog over to the start. Usually early on a Saturday morning Canton Square is pretty empty and that's less than a half mile to the meeting place.

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