Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ESPN 9 for IX Films Presents: Runner

Programming Alert!

Tonight (Tuesday) on ESPN, 8pm, ESPNW along with their "9 for IX" film series presents "Runner" - which centers on American Mary Decker's infamous collision, and subsequent fall, in the 1984 Olympics, and how she dealt with the aftermath.

ESPN 9 for IX presents "Runner"

In the same vein as their popular "30 for 30" series, ESPN's "9 for IX" has produced captivating stories focused on defining moments in women's sports' history.

Check it out as this is sure to be a good one. If you're unfamiliar with the story, the tale is shrouded in a bit of controversy so I'm anxious to see their take on it!

Zola Budd ain't got no shoes


New Chris on the Block said...

I met zola budd at the kiawah island marathon last year. She's an odd bird. But at least she was wearing shoes...

RM said...

Wait...NCOTB is still alive?? AND reading the blog?!