Friday, July 19, 2013

Rockville Twilight Teams

With at least 26 people racing in the dark at Saturday night's Rockville Twilight 8k (the premier summer event in our area!), we are fielding 3 official teams for the race. Since those are for real (see also: I pay for the separate team entries) I stack them accordingly, but for fun's sake, we will have an internal scrimmage. I have segmented the teams as best I can* and we will do two teams of 13. We will score based on aggregate time meaning I will add up all the times and whichever team has the lowest time wins. I hope I have done a good job and that it will be close!

Team D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.

Dave Berdan
Dustin Meeker
Phil Turner
Tim Burns
Dan Miranda
Joel Gladfelter
Cory Donovan
Melissa Majumdar
Melissa Tanner (will be replaced by PJ Anderer)
Amy Horst
Sara Breedlove
Amy Flashenberg
Denise Knickman

Team I.D.G.A.F.

Conrad Laskowski
Nate Brigham
Alex Battaglino
Matt Franco
Tom Stack
Tristram Thomas
Jon Miller
Chrissie Ramsey
Megan DiGregorio
Meg McNew
Bryn Burkholder
Sara Damiano
Suzanne Andrews

In the event that someone does not start, you will not be penalized. If you have a teammate start, but not finish, then I will use a time of 33:00 for men and 40:00 for women.

Remember, the race starts at 8:45pm in Rockville Town Center. I sent a separate email with directions and other instructions so you should be good at this point. See you down there! Most importantly, GO FALLS ROAD!

*individual runner rankings based on recent race results, historical data, what I believe your fitness to be right now, and training logs


dcobb said...

Awesome to see so many signed up!! Good luck Saturday and Get Some!!!

pepperjackb said...

it's a tie!

RM said...

Wait until the race recap on this one...