Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bird on a Wire

All was quiet this last weekend of June, and now that we've officially crested the halfway point of the year (!!!) we enter the dog days. Time to hunker down, keep the HR low and the electrolyte balance high!

In the middle of the week, the BRRC hosted their first track meet of the summer. And, believe it or not, posted the results THAT NIGHT. Congrats to Allison Letourneau on her W in the 2 Mile (11:43.16). Denise Knickman tripled, finishing 2nd in the 2 Mile, winning the 800m, and placing 2nd in the 1500m. But the performance of the meet was little Kayla Keller. At 3 years of age she has been burning up the track, so much so that she is always a target for post-competition drug testing. She blitzed the 100m dash in 36.74, and while her dad/coach was not pleased with her DFL showing, he says she's improving and it's hard to expect she'll be able to compete right now with kids a year or two older.

I missed two results in the email. Alex Battaglino and Matt Franco headed up to the Legends Run 4 Miler in Connecticut, where Olympian Donn Cabral took the win, easily. Alex finished 6th and Franco got beat by only one girl.

In the odd-distance Knights of Columbus 6k, or 3.75 miler, depending on where you're looking, Phil Turner placed 2nd in 23:20.

Multisport shout-outs go to Ben Ingram, 2nd in his first ever duathlon; Erin Feldhausen, who competed in the XTERRA Dairyland event; and Spider Sillery for his high placement at an off-road event in Tennessee. Typical Spider fashion, many things went wrong in his day yet somehow he still had a good race. I think he'd have a bad race if everything went perfectly smooth.

To celebrate the opening of the 100th edition of the Tour de France, Mike Mashner signed up for his first ever bike race - the Road Warrior 50 out in Glenwood. #1 goal was to stay upright, which he accomplished narrowly after two crashes in the field. He did some time on the front, stayed in the group, and had a fun time. In the Cat 3 race, Adam Forgione...finished.

Racing action continues this week on Thursday in some 4th of July events, and don't forget about the BRRC Meet of Miles a week from tomorrow!


Franco said...

Thanks, Ryan. And oh, but what a girl! http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/2215242.html

RM said...

15:44? Sheeeiiittt