Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Keep Your Head Up

Since I missed it in the email, I will give Collin Anderson top billing for the weekend race recap. Collin ran a 5k in Utah, on what I believe was a downhill course. He ran 16:44. Here is the text I received:

"Course is worth 12 seconds faster than flat at sea level, but it was really icy, so I'll take it. BTW, that's 10s off PR, second ever official sub 17, and first sub 17 at altitude. God I'm slow..."

Well, you're not slow, but yeah, you should probably run faster. Also you've lived at altitude now for like 3 years. Ha! Anyway, great job, keep up the good work.

PJ Anderer has been in the zone lately, racing for the 3rd straight weekend and while not a PR, he got something even sweeter - a WIN! PJ won the Francie's Family 5k in Middletown, winning in 18:35.

Andy Sovonick and Dan Miranda competed in a 5k XC race as part of some MultiSport Expo down in the Bethesda area. Andy said the course was fairly challenging and definitely favored folks who are more accustomed to varying terrains. He finished 3rd in 17:00, Dan was 5th at 17:50.

Liz Laseter took 2nd at the Scope it Out 5k in a terrific time of 18:13, and Steve Wancowicz ran the HAT Run 50k, completing it in 6:53:19. That sounds like an awful long time to be on one's feet!

And also a shout to Brennan's dad, Jerry Feldhausen. Mr. Feldy came all the way out from Wisco to take part in the USATF Masters' Indoor Track Championships. On Friday he ran the 400m, placing 8th in M60 in a time of 1:10.54 (no way I could run that right now) and then came back on Sunday to run the 800m, finishing 7th in 2:45.04! Still getting after it on the track after all these years, Mr. Feldhausen is a prime example of what running is all about.

Temperatures should be steadily working towards breaking 50 later this week, so hopefully we can all finally shed those layers and get some nice runs and other activities in. To those who celebrate Passover and Easter and will be spending time with family this week - enjoy! Just 10 days until Orioles Opening Day!

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