Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Ain't Got No Worries

Preliminary Results from today's National Half Marathon (and Marathon) a.k.a. the Rock n Roll USA Half Marathon:

Working their way up through the field to finish in 7th and 9th were Nate Brigham (1:10:06) and Dustin Meeker (1:10:46). Great effort for both, particularly Nate, who earlier this week had to cut his workout short on Tuesday and was not confident that he'd go under 1:12. Andy Sovonick had issues that prevented him from making it to his corral's start on time. But perhaps starting in the back helped him out, because he blazed through the pack to finish in 1:15:49.

Running together probably wasn't part of the plan, but the next couple of folks came in pretty close to each other. Chrissie Ramsey, a former winner of this event, ran a very smart race. Her first few miles were well over 6 minute pace, and she just worked them down, finishing in 3rd at 1:18:46. Just behind was Brennan Feldhausen, who was running through this one. He finished at 1:18:52.

Race of the day went to Joel Gladfelter, hands down. Joel sometimes looks like he's tapped early on in the race, and usually empties the tank to get to the line. But this time the aggressive tactic paid off, as he PR'd - BIG - running 1:19:09. Joel thought he could run under 1:20, and this blew it out of the water. I can't remember the exact time but this has to be a 3 minute PR.

Not having their best days, Dan Miranda and Matt Franco gave it what they had, and got across the line. I guess that's all I have to say about that.

Terence Baptiste was there, and it was great to see him smiling and having fun on course. He ran 1:23:00. Megan DiGregorio, who got a last minute bib, decided to run, and kept a controlled effort in her 1:23:49 run. This would have been a PR prior to New Orleans, and she said she felt good about the run. Great race for Sara Damiano, who narrowly missed breaking 1:40 (1:40:10). Pete Mulligan finished up at 1:43:01, and Jen Koshy was there and came through at 1:47:47.

In the awful, foolish Marathon, Dave Ploskonka had a good run, crossing the line at 3:08:12, and Cory Donovan, just a few weeks removed from his New Orleans Marathon, ran 3:30:36.

Oh and Lil Wayne - get better buddy.


Andy said...

Thanks to people for the really helpful support out there and big congrats to Joel, despite not barfing spectacularly post-race from what I saw (although he had some close calls).

Dart said...

Tender, I was stealthy after this one & only yaked once. You were, literally, standing right besides me, but somehow you missed it.


Then you Got-Me-Outta-There like the Misda Misda Lady in Happy Gilmore.