Tuesday, January 1, 2013

With a Bang

Majumdars Roll at Resolution Run 5k

In her first local race since the fall of 2011 and just second race in the past 14 months, Melissa Majumdar made it look easy as she won the Resolution Run 5k in Patterson Park in a time of 19:20. Winning on the first day of the year sets a great tone for 2013. Arjun Majumdar also got in a good effort as he finished 3rd in 17:13. Jack Flowers won the race in 16:47, leading from wire to wire.

Joel Gladfelter has run this race a number of times and on Monday said he expected somewhere in the 18 minute range. He was pretty spot on as he finished 7th in 17:57. PJ Anderer finished just behind Melissa, in 19:25. Bridget Jones, known more commonly as Meg McNew, finished 2nd in 19:46, and Sara Breedlove took 7th in 20:55. Jon Miller was out for a jog as he ran 21:18, and Jen Sheely finished in 21:54.

I'll have to take a look and see if there were any other people in action over the "holiday." Today feels like Monday and I almost sent this out in an email.

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Nate said...

In other news: Dustin Meeker, Ed Aramayo, Ryan McGrath, and Nate&Em Brigham successfully completed Episode 1 ("It's About Time") of "Back to the Future: The Game".