Monday, December 3, 2012

Champagne Wishes

I realized I never did a follow-up results post after Thanksgiving, and my intention certainly wasn't to exclude anyone from the jamboree, but now that it's a week later I'll give the 60 second edition:

Carly and Nate Page crushed the Troy Turkey Trot 10k and I assume they won the sibling team competition as Nate ran 38:21 and Carly ran 39:33, placing 6th and earning her a spot on our Top Ten All Time list for the distance. Elsewhere in New York, Diane Heiser was 2nd in the Cardiac Classic 5k in a new road 5k PR, 18:06.

In Connecticut, our buddy Kyle Smits made the trek from the Pacific Northwest to take 14th in the Pequot 5 Miler, running 28:06.

Saturday was the NCR Trail Marathon where we had some great marathon performances. Dave Ploskonka popped back up after a noticeable absence, running 3:12:01. PJ Anderer blew out his old PR by something like 9 minutes, running 3:21:58. He went out super quick and paid for it at the end, but hey - gotta run fast to run fast, right? Terry Decker made amends with his DNF at Chicago, crossing in 3:23:27. In the relay, Team Melissa Tanner (Melissa and Sara Breedlove) won the female team competition.

Sunday siblings Kevin and Meghan McGrath both ran course bests at the Navesink Challenge 15k. Kevin's time of 1:14:18 was a near 2 minute PR while Meghan ran 9 minutes faster than her best there.

Of course we awarded our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week to Melissa Majumdar!

THIS week we had the Annapolis PLEASE DON'T EVER DO THIS RACE AGAIN Half Marathon on Saturday. The race start time of 7:10 (seriously??) was bumped up without warning to 7:04, the leaders were led off course within the first half mile, the mile markers were wrong or absent, the course was again not the correct distance, and the list goes on. Nonetheless Diane Heiser took 5th, which was really 3rd, in 1:26:03. Jackie Truncellito-Range ran 1:39:41. Colin Brooks has now done this race both years and I think that's it for him, but he ran well at 1:45:46. And Amy Flashenberg, with a push from Conrad, ran :30 per mile faster than her previous best half marathon pace, finishing at 1:48:29. Great job guys and girls!

Lee DiPietro finished 4th at the Marathon of the Palm Beaches in Florida on Sunday, running 3:24:53.

Andy Thivierge ran Brian's Run 5 Miler in West Chester PA, finishing 15th in 29:56. It's the first time he's broken 30 minutes, and a 30 second distance PR. AND it's 1:20 faster than he ran there last year!

Sunday's main event was the ManCave 5k. Brad, Greg, Louis, and Sandy put on a great inaugural event. The fog was epic. The finishing climb was brutal. The times were...inexplicably fast. You see what had happened was due to the fog, the police had to change the course because visibility was so poor and oncoming traffic was a concern. So it ended up being 2.9 miles instead of 5k. The race was still insane. Joey Thompson outwitted the Ethiopian contingent, taking off on the two he was with inside of 200m to go and running to what would have been about a 14:40 5k. Erik Anderson ran awesome too, finishing 4th.

Ryan Stasiowski finished 9th, just ahead of Andy Sovonick (10th). Arjun Majumdar looked so smooth as he ran what would have been about a 17 minute 5k, and that was only good enough for 16th! Megan DiGregorio didn't expect to win this one, but came through in the money in 4th, a little ahead of Amy Horst, who had a great race. Amy won the battle of the local coaches as Bobby Van Allen finished 20 seconds back of her. Meg McNew inadvertently ran 22 miles on Saturday, which took the sting out of her legs a bit, but she ran well, and Alyssa Doyle had a really solid race. Finally Pete Mulligan ran 22:07, which is better than the 30 minutes we thought he'd run!

For our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week we awarded it to Andy Thivierge!

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