Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Nights in the City

Hopefully anyone that may be planning to go to Thursday Nights in the City sees this...I will not be at the run tonight due to not being able to run over the past week.  Joel also informed me that he won't be there.  Hopefully someone will show up that knows the route otherwise it may just be New/Smart/Fast Steve.  I doubt I'm there the remainder of the calendar year, but hope to be back 1/3.


RM said...

I saw New/Smart/Fast Steve running down Boston Street last night en route to meet up with at the gang and via Twitter saw that Melissa Tanner, Sara Breedlove, and some others were there, along with Steve Febish who will now be known as Old/Dumb/Slow Steve.

If I ever start running again I'm still targeting Thursday, December 13th as a Hampden Lights Run.

Meg said...

It was a good turnout. We were also joined briefly on Baltimore Street by several young men, one of whom was smoking a cigarette.

Andy said...

Hahaha old/dumb/slow steve. That's hilarious.