Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thursday Nights in the City

Sorry to bump the Week in Review - great job everyone!

I've been meaning to throw something on here and I am just now getting around to it about the return of the group run during the week from the city.  This had traditionally been a Wednesday Night Run (WNR) from Canton Square.  We are altering things a bit and going to be meeting at the World Trade Center on Thursday nights at 6:30.  The route will also be a reverse of what we had done in the past (for those of you that have done the loop).  This will allow for a midweek group medium long run.  We will be meeting for the first time tomorrow (11/15).  A few important notes are below:

* We will be rolling out at 6:30 as there are several people that will be meeting up along the way.  If you are late meet us along the way
* Pace will be in the low 7 range
* Loop is about 7 miles
* There is NO parking available.  Most everyone will be running to the run / joining along during
* The route may alter from time to don't be mad if you don't show up for 2 months and then suddenly try to meet up with us on the route (reach out to me in advance as I'll be the point person until I disappear for baseball season)
* December 13th is a date that the route will for sure be different as we will head up to Hampden to check out the lights.
* We won't be meeting on Thanksgiving

Hopefully that is all the info you need.  I am sure that this group won't be extremely steady until after the first of the year, but hopefully we can get this group run in the city back up and running...because I know one thing and that is the North Side continues to get strong!

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Cory said...

Is the run on for tonight, Nov. 29?