Monday, October 1, 2012

Saturday Long Long Run

This Saturday I am planning on heading out to Fredrick to run the Catoctin Trail from Gambrills State Park into Cunningham Falls State Park. It should be about a 30 mile run (Basically the Catoctin 50K course). The trail is usually pretty rocky. Hopefully the rain we are supposed to get this week won't wash it out too much. If you are interested in running some or all of this with me please post in the comments. I plan to start around 8am, although I am open to starting earlier. The run should take about 6-7 hours. I have only run portions of this trail so the prospect of tying it all together makes time predictions difficult. I won't be running fast.

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rharve1 said...

Doing this run on Sunday is also an option if that is more convenient.