Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Merica's Mile

We had terrific conditions last night, it was absolutely perfect for running a mile on the track. 19 competitors toed the line, following our moment of silence to honor the significance of the day, to run 1609 meters. With some participants electing to incorporate the mile into the workout rather than "race," it meant Tim Burns was on a solo mission to take the inaugural title. Tim was at 2:20 and 3:31 at half and 3/4, but wasn't able to pull back that little bit of time to squeeze under 4:40. But, he did get the win, and a season best, in 4:42.46.

Second place was nearly 100m back, but it became a race as Joel Brusewitz held off Remus Medley, and then it was another gap back to Joel Brusewitz, Drew Thivierge, and Diane Heiser, our women's champion. Diane had some comfortable pacesetting from Nate Brigham and Alex Battaglino as they took her through the halfway point in 2:40. She went on to negative split the back half, finishing in 5:13.42.

On behalf of your country, we commend you for doing your part in this Magic Mile Global Team Challenge! Make sure you log your result on so the US gets credit! I'll post the picture later, for now you can check the twitpic. Results below.

'Merica's Mile
September 11, 2012
Baltimore, MD

Overall Results               Time
1. Tim Burns                  4:42.46
2. Joel Brusewitz            4:56.83
3. Remus Medley           4:57.22
4. Joel Gladfelter            5:10.94
5. Andrew Thivierge       5:11.39
6. Diane Heiser*            5:13.42
7. Nate Brigham             5:17.71
8. Alex Battaglino           5:17.94
9. Matt Franco               5:31.83
10. Dan Miranda            5:32.93
11. Steve Febish            5:32.99
12. Megan DiGregorio*  5:33.71
13. Ben Steinberg           5:34.09
14. Meg McNew*         5:37.71
15. Sara Breedlove*      5:39.30
16. Melissa Tanner*       5:41.60
17. Emily Hurley*           6:27.36
18. Sara Damiano*         7:01.01
19. Anonymous              7:43.91

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Kevin Frick said...

Awesome. I'll see what I can do tomorrow morning. My go to Gilman rather than Towson HIgh. Gilman's track looks great. Is it well lit in the AM?