Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yohan Blake Defeats Usain Bolt...Again

For the 2nd time in 2 races, Yohan Blake has defeated his training Partner and World-Record Holder, Usain Bolt. After cleaning his clock in the 100m final, Blake upended the reigning Olympic and World Champion in the 200m, 19.80 to 19.83.

Note: Wallace Spearmon ran 19.82 at US Trials. This could be a good one...


Collin said...

Blake must have timed his methylhexanamine just right this year.

RM said...

I watched the races and of course Bolt didn't look good in either of them, but at the #samedamntime I feel like there could be a little gamesmanship going on. I don't think Bolt minds getting beat, especially in Jamaican trials. He can play the underdog role now and perhaps take some pressure off him and put it onto Blake.

Or, he's putting in serious work in an attempt to break WRs in a few weeks time. Who knows.