Sunday, July 1, 2012

Olympic Trials: Women's 200m

Allyson Felix Crushes, Carmelita Jeter and Sanya Richards-Ross Qualify in 2nd Event

The US is so deep at the 200m for women, the final could very well have been the final at the Olympic games. Tianna Madison, Jeneba Tarmoh, Bianca Knight, and Kimberlyn Duncan could all have made the team for almost any other country, but will not be competing in London because of the devastatingly fast legs of Allyson Felix, Carmelita Jeter, and Sanya Richards-Ross.

In wet conditions, Allyson Felix blew the doors off of everyone, blazing the first 50m and increasing her lead on the straightaway. Her time of 21.69 seconds was a personal best and Trials record (wind +1.0m/s = legal), and she won the race by .42 ahead of Carmelita Jeter. Jeter was the winner in the 100m a week ago, and Richards-Ross of course won the 400m. Ross became the first American woman to pull off the 400/200 double.

Felix broke the Trials record of 21.77 set by the great Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988, and became the 4th fastest woman at the distance in history.

Winning the award for Most Awkward Commentating were the staff of NBC, as both Lewis and Dwight cornered Felix and Tarmoh immediately following their race to ask about their decision regarding the 100m tiebreaker. Both women graciously deflected the question, saying that they had not discussed it yet but would likely do that tonight or tomorrow. As of right now there has been no decision made, but the duo's coach, Bobby Kersee, has said that they will not run earlier than Tuesday if it is a run-off scenario.

Personal opinion: Felix doesn't stand a chance in the 100m, at least not for gold, and likely not for a medal at all. The field is too deep. Focus on the 200m, and save yourself the couple of races. Run the 4x100m. Give the spot to Tarmoh.

Women's 200m results (

1 Allyson Felix Nike 21.69 M
2 Carmelita Jeter Nike 22.11
3 Sanya Richards-Ross Nike 22.22
4 Kimberlyn Duncan L S U 22.34
5 Jeneba Tarmoh Nike 22.35
6 Tianna Madison Saucony 22.50
7 Bianca Knight adidas 22.60
8 Aurieyall Scott U C F 22.68

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