Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Fanfare

I am doing my best in my attempt at a full media blackout. If I can't watch something live, I avoid Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the Internet until I can see it. As a result, I will not provide results until they're shown on TV. And if I do post something results-related, I will give fair warning.

That said, our own folks are still racing, and yesterday seemed to be the day of 50k races. Out in Utah, Dave Ploskonka joined Collin Anderson for the Speedgoat 50k. Now, I'm no expert, but when Dave Ploskonka finishes 39th in an event like this, it's got to be pretty stacked. And when he runs 7:23:17, you know it's also got to be hard. Real hard. Apparently this is one of, if not THE toughest 50k events out there. Dave is also just a week+ removed from Badwater. Collin Anderson is getting his legs back, as he finished 52nd just 20 minutes back of Dave, running 7:43:56. Great job guys!

In Fredneck, PJ Anderer ran the Catoctin 50k - his first attempt at the "marathon-plus" distance. I've been out there and tried to run, it's too rocky for me. PJ's tweet after was "So. I finished." Hell yes you finished! You finished 75th in 7:46:48. That's a long time to be on one's feet, so good on ya!

Cricket 5k was yesterday, managed by Running Maryland. I was expecting a lot more competition, as well as familiar names, as this is, after all, the Errbody Get Money 5k, but the only name I recognized was our own Megan DiGregorio. Meg D finished 2nd in 18:59, a minute behind overall women's winner (and 2nd overall) Elena Orlova.

Out in San Francisco, Becky Parks ran the San Fran Half Marathon, part of a very unique event where you can apparently choose which half of the marathon route you want to run for the half marathon, and they also have a 52.4 mile ultramarathon. Becky's finishing time was 1:28:50, so she must have run a pretty even race because at halfway her estimated finish time was 1:28:40.


pepperjackb said...

Finishing was always the real goal and pretty much what kept me going for the last 3 hours or so. Very happy with it, really. Big thanks to Joel for the advice/pep talks before the race.

Dart said...

Congratulations, PJ. It's a bitch of a course. And I was just passing along what Alyssa had done for me. Rest up!