Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NBC Tells Us Who Wins...Before They Air It

In perhaps one of the biggest gaffes in NBC history - yes, worse than any of their hordes of failed attempts at successful sitcoms and dramas - was when they told us who won a gold medal...before they aired the race!

During Monday's primetime telecast, NBC ran a promo for today (Tuesday's) Today Show, encouraging viewers to watch as Missy Franklin gets to celebrate her first gold medal with her family.

Wait...what?! Franklin had only won a bronze, as part of a relay the other night, and her individual event final was coming up in a few minutes. This couldn't be right. Why would NBC - who is holding us captive by deciding which events to show in primetime coverage - blow up THEIR OWN SPOT?

Well, whoever was responsible for that one better get a stern talking to, because they absolutely fudged that up. It was a terrific end to my 3rd day of complete media blackout. The backlash on Twitter was swift, with most people in awe of what they had just seen.

Trey Wingo, who is a commentator on that other POS "sports" news network, commented:

While Twitter use @rmcgrath732, who is really smart and funny, had this to say:

Justin Bieber probably didn't watch it, but nevertheless commented on it:

Anyway, congratulations to the youngster, Franklin, who did win her 100m Back final in epic fashion, coming from down at least half a body length to dive for the wall and get the win!

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Andy said...

Man that Bieb tweet is BOSS.