Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Badwater 2012

David Ploskonka proved today that the 3rd time really IS the charm.

Dave absolutely knocked it out of the park yesterday/today in the desert, as he finished 8th at the Badwater Ultramarathon - the 135 mile death march through Death Valley - running over 5 hours faster than his previous best there.

(photo credit: Jacqueline Choi)

I'm sure Dave will provide a (lengthy) race recap when he's able to, but the point is: incredible race. In the past he's struggled (who wouldn't, right?) to the point he's had to "stake out" and retreat to a cabin to take a nap and recover (mid-race) before continuing on. This year, it looks like he may have taken a break or a nap in the 30 mile section between miles 41 and 72, as he lost some time there, but then he roared back, moving up at each check point, before finally finishing 8th in 28 hours, 31 minutes and 50 seconds.

It's probably also worth noting that Dave ran the entire race...in a brand new pair of shoes. Yes, you heard me correct. Pete got them to him just before the race, it's a pair of shoes from a new company so he's never even worn the brand before. I can't wait to hear this one.

The day's champion was Mike Morton, in a mind-bending 22 hours, 52 minutes and 55 seconds - just 40 minutes ahead of second place, defending champ Oswaldo Lopez. The first female finisher was Sumie Inagaki of Japan in just under 30 hours. She was 11th overall, one spot ahead of the "Ultramarathon Man," Dean Karnazes.

Results (sub 30 hours)

1 Mike Morton 22:52:55
2 Oswaldo Lopez 23:32:28
3 Zach Gingerich 25:49:40
4 Harvey Lewis III 26:15:31
5 Mark Matyazic 26:24:42
6 Philip McCarthy 26:52:01
7 Marco Farinazzo 27:59:58
8 David Ploskonka 28:31:50
9 Kurt Lindermuller 29:21:12
10 Terry Sentinella 29:40:24
11 Sumie Inagaki F 29:53:09
12 Dean Karnazes 29:57:50

Dave and his terrific Crew

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