Monday, June 25, 2012

Olympic Trials: Women's 800m

Alysia Montano, Geena Gall, and Alice Schmidt Move Onto London

Maggie Vessey finishes last but first in attractiveness.

Montano led wire-to-wire, running 1:59.06. Gall had a great last couple of meters, passing Phoebe Wright and holding off Alice Schmidt. Schmidt, who we recently interviewed on The Runaround, still needed the A standard time, and just got under it by 0.04 seconds.

1 Alysia Montano Nike 1:59.08
2 Geena Gall Nike / Oregon TC Elite 1:59.24
3 Alice Schmidt Nike 1:59.46
4 Molly Beckwith Saucony 1:59.68
5 Phoebe Wright Nike 1:59.72
6 Brenda Martinez New Balance 2:01.67
7 Heather Kampf Asics / Team USA Minnesota 2:02.86
8 Maggie Vessey New Balance 2:03.44

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