Thursday, June 28, 2012

Olympic Trials: Women's 5000m

Julie Culley wins, Molly Huddle and Kim Conley go to London!

The pack was pretty tight until 3 laps to when Julia Lucas separated herself from the group of 7 behind her. Lauren Fleshman battled but was off the back. 7 women in the field had the A standard. Julia Lucas, who ran for North Carolina State, looked super strong. American Record holder Molly Huddle and local fave Julie Culley were 2nd and 3rd, bridging up to Lucas with a lap to go and pulling away from the rest of the field, which was led by Abbey D'Agostino (NCAA Champ from Dartmouth). With 200m to go Huddle and Culley passed Lucas and D'Agostino was closing on Lucas. Into the final stretch and Huddle moves into lane 2 allowing Julie Culley to take the win! Kim Conley meanwhile overcame both D'Agostino and Julia Lucas AT THE LINE to take the 3rd spot as she, D'Agostino and Lucas finished within inches of one another. Kim Conley met the standard by .21 - she needed to go under 15:20 and ran 15:19.79. She didn't have the A coming into the race so she needed to hit that AND finish top 3. Incredible! Diane's nemesis Liz Maloy finished 7th, while Lisa Uhl, who qualified in the 10,000m, finished 6th. The gap between 3rd and 4th was smaller than the gap between Justin Gatlin and Tyson Gay in the men's 100m. Emily Infeld of Georgetown finished 8th.

We are so happy for Julie Culley, who reps for New Jersey and was formerly the assistant coach of Loyola Track and Field. She is also a former roommate of Melissa Tanner. Great job Julie, go rep for the US at London!!

Results (

1 Julie Culley Asics/N Y A C 15:13.77
2 Molly Huddle Saucony 15:14.40
3 Kim Conley New Balance/SRA Elite 15:19.79
4 Julia Lucas Nike / Oregon TC Elite 15:19.83
5 Abbey D'Agostino Unattached 15:19.98
6 Lisa Uhl Nike / Oregon TC Elite 15:24.17
7 Elizabeth Maloy New Balance 15:24.85
8 Emily Infeld Georgetown 15:28.60
9 Alisha Williams Boulder Running Company/adidas 15:32.98
10 Tara Erdmann Unattached 15:33.96
11 Magdalena Lewy Boulet Saucony 15:34.31
12 Emily Sisson Unattached 15:34.68
13 Deborah Maier Unattached 15:37.56
14 Kellyn Johnson adidas/McMillan Elite 15:39.60
15 Kathy Kroeger Stanford 15:40.55
16 Lauren Fleshman Nike / Oregon TC Elite 15:54.14


Melissa said...

Excellent write-up. I feel like I was there! Two comments: 1) I find it suspect that someone as nice as Diane has a nemesis. Fact check? 2) Julie Culley attributes all of her success to Cookie Puss, the Carvel Ice Cream treat.

RM said...

Feel free to confirm with Diane. She used to compete against Liz Maloy and they had quite the rivalry going!

Cookie Puss!