Monday, June 25, 2012

Olympic Trials: Men's 800m

Nick Symmonds wins, Duane Solomon and Khadevis Robinson Head to London

Charles Jock took it out in typical fashion, splitting 49.86 through 400m. The fast pace strung the field out and Symmonds had to move out into lane 2 on the back stretch. Symmonds moved up to 2nd behind Duane Solomon with 100m to go and the two had a huge gap, before Symmonds blew the field away in 1:43.92. Khadevis Robinson moved up well in the last bit to make sure he would not miss out on the Olympics again. Solomon finished 3rd and had to run the A standard to ensure he would go to London.

Sadly, Charles Jock finished DFL in 1:49. 49 second first lap, 60 second last lap. Ouch. Sorry man, at least you have an NCAA title.

Results (

1 Nicholas Symmonds Nike / Oregon TC Elite 1:43.92
2 Khadevis Robinson Nike 1:44.64
3 Duane Solomon Jr Saucony 1:44.65
4 Ryan Martin U C S B 1:44.90
5 Tyler Mulder Nike / Oregon TC Elite 1:45.02
6 Elijah Greer Oregon 1:45.40
7 Mark Wieczorek Unattached 1:45.62
8 Charles Jock Nike 1:49.02

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